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Advance Beauty International (ABI) Company Limited head office is based in Hong Kong with Sales & Marketing team, Product development team, Finance and HR team with considerably experience people in place.

Management team and Factory team with 15 years in the beauty industry, we can assure you that our quality standard and technical knowledge are the best as we gather every know-how of beauty technology, regulatory standard while meeting customers expectation.

We develop and manufacture beauty care, personal care and fragrances products.  We operate a clean, organised facility and subject every product to the highest quality control and regulatory standard.  Our full service undertakes the journey from concept development, through formulation, packaging selection, testing, manufacture and beyond.


We hold the confidentiality of development work for our partners in the highest regard.


We create bespoke products for our clients enabling truly individual brands to be launched in the market place.


We do not believe in "off the shelf" solutions as each customer and market tier is unique and to succeed its products must reflect the brands character and ethos.


Research and Development

ABI marketing and development people team up with the whole hearted of expertise all came from this industry.

Our technical director had over 20 years experience on formulating product with considerable knowledge across worldwide regulatory standard.

The knowledge allows the team to bring incredible insight and turnaround time to the entire innovation process.

Development Capabilities



Emulsion Solubilizing Evaluation


Colour Matching Pressing Dispersing


Surfactant Styling


Solubilizing Moulding Pressing


Alcohol-Base Product


Lotion, Cream, Essence, Toner Cleaning, Body Care, Shine, Message Cream, Oil Cream, Lip Balm, Face Mask

Cream Eye Shadow, Lipstick, Lip-Gloss, Mascara, Nail Varnish, Bluser, Power Cream Foundation

Shampoo, Rinse, Treatment, Conditioner, Hair Gel, Spray, Cuticle Coat

Bath & Shower Gel, Bubble Bath, Cream Bath, Scrub, Bath Salt, Fizzer, French Milled Soap, Crystal Soap, Shaving Gel

Cologne (EDP), Body Mist, Fine Fragrance, Diffuse


  • Regulatory Support.  In order to market your product you will need a full Regulatory Dossier.  We arrange for the appropriate stability and compatibility testing (including preservative challenge testing) and the necessary Safety Assessment.  A Product Information File is created for each product and where required we can provide assistance on uploading your products to the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal. (CPNP)

  • Be able to comply with up to dated directive requirement e.g. REACH, SVHC.

  • Closely communicate with customer to response to the latest directive or opinion and work out time line and action plan for future development.

  • With total solution of sourcing organic, sustainable and natural materials.

  • We care about our Earth, so we avoid using raw material that is harm our earth and we are capable of sourcing environmental friendly ingredients.

  • Provide solution of added value and functional formulation in a cost effective way.

  • Allow us to provide innovative and marketable insight to our customers.

  • Experience and resources to turn ideas into profits.

  • Our R&D specialists, colour & trend analysts, designers, and marketing experts work as a team and ready to serve for all the venture needs from customers.

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