The factory was built in 2016 included 2 production plants with 6 fully workshops and 1 warehouse.

  • Our water purification system is RO sand EDI purification system.

  • We welcome high-mix low volume to mass production.  We will assist you flexibly and comprehensively.

  • We possess different kind of mixers and various kinds of filling equipment to produce a wide range of products such as high viscosity products to milky essence.

  • We especially consider about preventing contamination in production process, so that each factory conforms to cosmetic GMP ISO 22716.

  • Our manufacturing environment is flexible enough to support a wide range of manufacturing capabilities.


Face Mask and Lotion Workshop

  • Mask (Sheet mask), Gel Mask/Overnight Mask, Lotion (Body Lotion, Hand Lotion, Foot Lotion, Hand Cream), Skin Care Gel, Scrub (Lotion Base), Body Butter, Hair Conditioner, Hair Treatment


Cosmetics Workshop

  • Blusher (Cream), Eye Shadow (Cream Base), Foundation (Cream Base), Lip Balm, Lip Gloss, Lip Stick, Mascara, Skin Tonic

Bath Fizzers Workshop

  • Bath Fizzer, Shower Steamer, Fairy Dust, Bath Crystal, Bath Salt, Crystal Rock, Bath Caviar, Milk Bath Powder

Soap Workshop

  • French Milled Soap, French Milled Health Soap, Crystal Soap, Jelly Soap, Glycerin Transparent Soap, Amino Acid Soap

Liquid Workshop

  • Bath Gel/Shower Gel/Hand Wash/Bubble Bath, Cream Bath, Milk Bath, Two Layer Bath Gel, Salt Scrub (Oil Base), Sugar Scrub (Oil Base), Scrub/Suspending Gel, Scrub - Gel Base (Body Scrub/Hand Scrub/ Foot Scrub), Shampoo, Shave Gel, Facial Cleaning Milk and Cream, Bath Oil

Fragrance Workshop

  • EDT/EDP/Fine Fragrance/Cologne, Body Mist/Body Spray, Room Mist/Room Spray/Pillow Mist, Diffuser, Massage Oil/Pulse Point Oil, Nail Polish/Glitter Nail Polish

Our Mission

  • Develop strategic partnerships that grow alongside us.  It is our mission to ensure success buy providing each strategic partnership with concentrating resources and the developmental time.

  • Research and innovation focus, to develop innovative products for our customers that increment business while improving existing quality products.

  • Commitment to sustainability, our responsible sourcing plan aim to reduce the impact of plastic pollution.  We provide innovative recyclable packaging strategies and ethically-sourced refined formulations.

  • Transparent relationships are built on trust and openness, we are launching own brand beauty products with listed ingredient trade names on the packaging; while we are building the platform on the company website to showcase the product formulation and origin which helps customers to trace down the source.